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Gorgeous Vespa 946: Asphalt & Rubber’s EICMA 2012 Best in Show

The lads and lasses around the corner at Asphalt & Rubber have named the Vespa 946 scooter as the EICMA Best in Show. This is quite the honor when you consider that this, admittedly gorgeous, scooter had to beat out off-road bikes, adventure-touring motorcycles, rocket bikes, and classic rides to be best if show.

A&R describes the Vespa 946 as having been drawn with lines that are “a nice blend of the MP6’s style, with a firm touch of the modern.” The MP6, of course, is the Second World War-era Vespa. This newest beauty to Vespa’s line of beauties features a steel conocoque chassis and an 125cc, four-stroke, three-valve, single-cylinder engine that can get the 946 a 130 wobbly miles per gallon.

Perhaps most exciting about the Vespa 946 is that it’s got an ASR traction control system and ABS brakes, both firsts for this class of scooter.

Of course, the Vespa 946, or any Vespa for that matter, was not built to meet the needs of motorcyclists. No, Vespa’s are made to bring a motorcycle-type vehicle to hip folks looking for a hip urban ride, and this new Vespa has all the traits that such a scooter needs to have.

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