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Scooters represent an affordable and eco-friendly mode of transportation. Don’t sell yourself short by paying too much to insure your scooter. We specialize in helping you find the very best rates on scooter insurance. Here at Online Scooter Insurance, you can compare policies, rates, and discounts from a wide range of scooter insurers. On our website, leading companies such as GEICO, Progressive, Nationwide, and others actually compete for your business. That translates to the lowest scooter insurance quotes possible. To get started, enter your zip code ยป

How Much Does Scooter Insurance Cost?

Scooter insurance costs depend on an array of factors, including…

  • Year/Make/Model of Scooter
  • Location
  • Driving Record
  • Credit Score
  • Coverage Amounts
  • Coverage Options

Many scooter owners, however, report paying no more than $100 per year to insure their scooter. Obviously, this is a huge savings over insuring a car, truck, or motorcycle, which often costs $100+ monthly.

Scooter Insurance Quote Discounts

There are several tried and true methods of lowering your scooter insurance premiums. Completion of an approved safety course such as those offered by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) can teach you lifelong riding skills while earning you discount on your insurance rates. Additionally, graduating from such a course will often be accepted as a substitute for taking the motorcycle driving test at your local DMV. If you are a student, then maintaining a high GPA can earn you a significant discount on your insurance. The same goes for maintaining a clean driving record devoid of moving violations and accidents.